David Adams

David AdamsAhh David Adams, he’s a young laddy. In fact, at just 19 years old he’s the youngest member of the BlogSavy editor staff. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, his youth offers excellent benefits such as the lack of ability to function responsibly. We’re kidding about that (or are we?) and David has loads of potential and does a wonderful job writing about content our BlogSavy readers would find interesting and useful.

David graduated from Lowndes County High School in Valdosta, GA in the class of 2007… probably somewhere in the bottom-middle (though he won’t say for sure). He’s been promising to start college at VSU but puts it off regularly, usually for reasons beyond his control. Nevertheless, he’s a hard worker (when he works), in fact we took this picture (see left) shortly after David pulled an all-nighter writing one of his blogs.

David's BlogSavy Blogs

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