James Corbett, Ed.D.

James CorbettJames Corbett is a busy guy. A few of his accomplishments include the following:

Black belts in Kenpo Karate, Shorin-Ji Kempo, Shin Nagare Karate, Shin Shin Jujitsu, and Kickboxing.

Manager of and trainer of MMA fighters. Some have fought in UFC, BodogFight, Elite XC, and KOTC. Also owns a school, Valdosta Martial Arts Center.

Promotes several MMA fight shows annually – liscensed by the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission.

Doctor of Education from Nova Southeastern University.

BSA, M.Ed., and Ed.S. from the University of Georgia.

Wrote curriculum for Georgia’s first wildlife management course in public schools.

Implemented the Georgia FFA Wildlife Management competition – most popular FFA competition in Georgia now.

Coached the only two National Agriscience Student(s) of the Year from Georgia.

Has had multiple state FFA winners and national finalists in various competitions-avid outdoorsman.

He also enjoys family life greatly, and is a valuable member of the BlogSavy editorial staff.

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