Mike West

Mike WestLet’s meet Mike West, the first ‘official’ BlogSavy editor. When asked what we should say about him, he suggested we use the words “Extra Savy” and “Awesome” as much as possible, with the occassional use of “Magnanimous” whever it seemed to fit. So, there you have it, we’ve said all of it and it’s still the first paragraph! How’s that for being a savvy writer?

Mike is happily married to another editor, Naomi (sorry guys, she’s taken too). They have a really smart little girl named Kaiya. She’s Mike’s inspiration; not because she inspires him to write though, I think it’s more about paying for her college education! He is the epitome of desciplined, as such he holds a black belt in two forms of Martial Arts and another black belt in copyrighting. In fact, he’s trying to copyright “magnanimous” but it looks to be an actual word.

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