Naomi West

Naomi WestNaomi, aka tonks, aka gnome, aka all kinds of other aliases is an seasoned professional writer. She has the misfortune of being married to another one of our expert authors, Mike, though she pretends to be quite happy. Maybe she should have been a professional actress? On a more serious note, she’s been working with Joe for several years and is excited to be writing for BlogSavy as well.

You’ll find the topics she writes about are very specific and provide a wealth of information about the subject at hand. Not only is she a fabulous writer, she’s a machine. Naomi doesn’t sleep, there are just periods in which she doesn’t work as fast as other parts of the day. While her eyes appear partially closed, her fingers continue to type. Kind of like a fish, or a cow… you know how they never really sleep or sleep standing still? Not that Naomi’s a cow (Mike’s a black belt), only that she’s got all the great qualities of a cow. Well, not “of a cow” – just the sleeping part. Oh man, I think Mike’s gonna get me now. Better run and hide.

Naomi's BlogSavy Blogs

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